Note: The Lodge-To-Lodge Network is still a work in progress.  The Lake Tahoe Water Trail Association is Currently adding lodges and other relevant businesses.

The Lodge-To-Lodge Network

       Kayak Around Lake Tahoe

       Stay in Nice Lodges

       Enjoy Gourmet Meals

       Set It All Up In One Place


A series of kayak-friendly lodges around the lake to provide luxury overnight accommodations with land transport of guests and kayaks to and from the lake as needed.

The Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge offers kayakers on-the- water convenience, heated pool, hot tub, restaurants on premise and rooms with a view. Other options include wine tasting, evening entertainment or just a quiet relaxing evening by the fire.


Our goal is to create a personal kayak experience with just the right amount of adventure, relaxation, education and pampering each guest desires. Private outfitters offer these packages, but for the more independent paddler, a self-directed network will provide an easy way to discover Lake Tahoe.  The LTL Network would allow users to plan the trip duration to fit their schedules and abilities, and then just show up. Days could be spent paddling and learning with superior tour guides, and the nights would be full of the amenities only a great lodge could provide.  Tour guides could provide safety and kayak training so that all skill levels can participate.

Benefits of a Network

  • It takes the stress out of planning a multi-day paddle trip
  • One Stop Shopping: Kayakers can connect with lodges and tour guides in one step
  • Lodges and Tour guides make contact with interested kayakers
  • Paddlers experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe during the day with all the amenities of a mountain lodge at night
  • Multiple lodges coordinate with luggage transport as the guests progress around the lake
  • Transportation of kayaks and personnel can be an option
  • Guides provide safe kayak adventures with paddling and safety instruction as needed
  • Guides share their knowledge of the historical and geological points of interest

Paddling Lodge-to-Lodge

  • The day would begin with a great breakfast at the lodge
  • Followed by a day-long guided tour, including lunch.
  • The event ends at either the same lodge or a different lodge
  • Guest belongings will have already been transported to their room
  • The evening can include wine tasting or massage or a gourmet dinner
  • All this followed by a great night sleep in a lakefront or other kayak-friendly lodge.

Types of Packages

Lodge-to-Lodge outing packages could be designed to incorporate numerous tour options, with varying lengths and tour package amenities. Tours could start anywhere and end anywhere around the lake depending on coordination with participating Network lodges.

Kayakers would request tour dates and packages online at the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Lodge-to-Lodge web page. By filling in information on dates and package preferences, the application would be routed to selected lodges and outfitters who would contact the applicants to propose a coordinated and organized kayak tour.

Lodges without lakefront access can still participate if they have access to a kayak trailer and agree to transport clients and kayaks from and to the lake access points. Kayak trailer information is available below.

Click Here for a Printable Brochure (pdf)

Lodge to Lodge Network Members
(Lodges can download an application form to apply)

Kayak-Friendly Services


Safe Kayak Storage on site in a locked bin or rack


Transportation of kayak and guests to lodge from beach.
Could be kayak wheels or trailer or shuttle service

Apres' Kayak Activities: Instruction, speakers,
wine tasting, hot tub, message, fireplace lounge, etc.
Meals: Dinner and Breakfast provided on site with a choice of packed lunch for next day
Parking for trip duration and luggage transport to next destination

Lodges With The Kayak Services They Provided

Services / Lodge to Lodge Network Members
Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge and Spa - South Shore
  Sierra Shores Luxury Vacation Rentals __
Mourelatos Resort - North Shore
Hyatt Regency - East Shore
Timbercove Lodge - South Shore
Camp Richardson Resort - South Shore
Zephyr Cove Lodge - South Shore
Meek's Resort - West Shore
Sunnyside Lodge - West Shore




A Note About Safety

Boating on Lake Tahoe can be a peaceful, beautiful experience, but it can also be life threatening. Weather and waves can change quickly in the mountains and the water is always icy cold, so the best defense is good preparation. Do your homework! Watch the weather and wear life vests. Other obvious wise choices would be tow ropes, layered clothing, wet suits, water, food and traveling with a companion. But how many recreational kayakers have taken a basic kayak safety class, practice self-rescue once a year or hiring a kayak guide for tours? These are also wise choices that are sometimes ignored, dismissed or postponed.

Lake Tahoe Water Trail Association recommends that everyone kayaking on the lake be trained in (and practice) self and assisted rescue techniques and we recommend that everyone taking a tour (below the level of advanced kayaker), Lodge to Lodge or camping, use a kayak guide. We want you to have fun, but we want you to be safe!


A Note About Transportation

Transporting kayaks, luggage and passengers from the water to the lodging facility is a major component of the Lodge to Lodge Network. One way, of course to to use facilities that have lake-front access and that provide kayak wheels to move equipment over the beach to the resort. Another way is to stay at facilities that are not on the water but that provide kayak shuttle services. Here are some suggestions for lodges which are not on the water to still accommodate kayakers.

Contact a Shuttle Service:

Shuttle Around Tahoe

Purchase a Kayak Trailer

  • Vintage Transport builds custom kayak trailers in Diamond Springs, California, near Placerville. 530-622-3046

Build a Kayak Trailer

  • Follow our plans to convert a utility trailer to a kayak trailer with $74 worth of lumber and hardware.


To start planning your tour
try our Planning Form (Coming Soon)


 See you on the lake!!


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